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In 1975 a “twinning programme” with Ohio University, USA leading to the Bachelor in Business Administration was offered to enable Diploma graduates from the Faculty Business to pursue their studies at the degree level in Shah Alam. The BBA ITM-OU programme was conducted by academic staffs from both universities.

The year 1975 also saw the introduction of the Master in Economics Education programmes with Kentucky University for existing academic staffs with first degree to further their qualification.

In the 1980s further academic programmes were offered. In July 1981, a group of 30 top second semester students from the DIB and DBS programmes were selected to sign up for the Diploma in Investment Analysis (DIIA) course. In July 1983, two more new programmes recognised as equivalent to honours degrees-the Advanced Diploma In Business Studies in Marketing (or ADBS Marketing) and the Advanced Diploma in Business Studies in Insurance (ADBS Insurance)-were introduced. For external papers, Graduates of ADBS (Marketing) were exempted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK from all but two final papers-Planning and Control, and the Case Study-as qualification towards the Diploma in Marketing. The Chartered Insurance Institute, UK (CII) recognised six subjects of ADBS (Insurance) for the Associates of the Chartered Insurance Institute, UK. The Executive MBA Ohio-UiTM programme was introduced in 1986 to help acquire the thinking skills and the broad perspective needed by those who form the nucleus of future management.

There was no let up in the 1990s. The Advanced Diploma in Business Studies (Finance) course was launched in 1991. A year later saw the introduction of the ADBS Human Resource Management programme to help develop graduates in the knowledge and skills needed in personnel development. In 1994 ADBS in Retail Management was introduced with an initial enrolment of 22 students. The success of these advanced programmes meant that the BBA ITM-OU programme had to be terminated.

A part-time two year Masters of Business Administration (MBA) undertaken jointly with the Cardiff Business School, University of Wales, was introduced in 1995 This MBA-Cardiff programme provided students with an alternative option to an American MBA. The first batch of graduates had their Convocation in March 1997. In 1996 the Advanced Diploma in Business Studies in International Business was introduced. This was found to be necessary as Malaysia’s role in international trade activities began to increase rapidly.


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